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The Best Dessert In Kansas City You Should Try It Now

Kansas City is renowned as a culinary heaven for lovers of sweet cuisine. Especially delicacies such as ice cream, cakes, soft drinks, sweet bread, etc. Here is a list of the best dessert in Kansas City that you ought to try immediately.

The best dessert in Kansas City you should try it now

Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Kansas City is full of popular ice cream parlors with unique flavors that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some popular ice cream parlors in Kansas City for you.

CHILL in the Village

CHILL in the Village is the place for the best dessert in Kansas City in 2022. At this location, you’ll find desserts like frozen yogurt, ice cream, parfaits, sandwiches, milkshakes, malts, smoothies, frozen drinks made to order, etc. CHILL in the Village’s address is 6966 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS 66208, USA.

Fairway Creamery

Fairway Creamery is one of Kansas City’s finest dessert establishments. This shop provides ice cream and donuts created with local ingredients. All of them are delicious. To experience delectable treats, visit 5938 Mission Road, Fairway, Kansas 66205, USA.

The Golden Scoop

The location of The Golden Scoop is 9540 Nall Avenue, Overland Park, Kansas 66207. This is one of the best dessert places in Kansas City. This ice cream shop offers not just ice creams made with ripe fruits but also a variety of coffees. We suggest you give it a shot when you visit Kansas City.

Ice Cream Bae

Ice Cream Bae is also home to the best dessert in Kansas City. It features handmade ice cream cones and is very refined in appearance and taste. Your kids or beauty lovers will surely love this dessert. Stop by 5260 W 116th Pl, Leawood, KS 66211, USA to enjoy.

Cake and pastries

Cake and pastries
Cake and pastries

Cake and pastries are also the best desserts in Kansas City. They can satisfy everyone who loves sweets, from children to adults. Some popular stores in Kansas City that offer cake and pastries are:

Donut King

Donut King is a donut paradise. You’ll definitely find what you’re searching for here, as all of the items are tasty. Donut King is located at 2320 Armor Road, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116, United States. This is the best dessert in Kansas City.

Bloom Baking Company

Bloom Baking Company’s ham-and-cheese croissants are regarded as the best in Kansas City. There are various sorts of cakes that are good for both sweet-toothed and non-sweet-toothed individuals. In particular, the croissants here taste great and are available for you to enjoy on the spot or buy at home. Its address is 15 E 3rd St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA.

Andre’s Confiserie Suisse

The pastries of Andre’s Confiserie Suisse are French in style. Each pastry is made with handcrafted ingredients and topped with a layer of French buttercream. This is the best dessert in Kansas City from 2021 until now. You can enjoy these delicious pastries at 5018 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64112, USA.

The Filling Station

The Filling Station is located at 2980 McGee Trafficway, Kansas City, Missouri 64108, in the United States of America. Here you will get scones with unique tastes in Kansas City. Additionally, the almond croissants here are well-regarded. It wins even guests who dislike sweets.

Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks
Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks are also the best desserts in Kansas City. Here are some Kansas City locations offering sweet beverages:

Tea Rex

Tea Rex is a location that sells a variety of sweet beverages, including milk tea, fruit tea, carbonated soft drinks, and others. Each is prepared according to a distinct recipe and is delicious. The shop’s address is 5832 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kansas 66202, United States. Come here to indulge in sweet beverages with your family!

Bambu Desserts and Drinks

If you are looking for unique desserts to enjoy, go to Bambu Desserts and Drinks.  It is located at 3920 Rainbow Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas, United States 66103. This cafe serves an assortment of sweet beverages, including coffee, lattes, milk tea, and fruit tea. Especially Sweet Soup, this is the best dessert in Kansas City.

Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee

Dunkin’ is a coffee and doughnut business. This is one of the world’s largest coffee shop and doughnut shop chains. Its offerings include doughnuts, bagels, coffee, and “Munchkins” donuts with a hole in the middle. There are three locations in Kansas City:

  • One store is located at 6304 N Chatham Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64151.
  • Second store location: 10143 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64114.
  • Third Store Location: 9561 N McGee St, Kansas City, Missouri 64155.

Cookies in Kansas City


When it comes to desserts, sweets lovers will definitely not be able to ignore these delicious cookies. Here are some of the best cookie shops in Kansas City:

Scola’s Italian Cookies

Scola’s Italian Cookies is located at 8002 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, Missouri 64118, in the United States of America. Here you may purchase authentic Italian cookies and further sweets. Neapolitan is the most prized cookie in this location; it has a magnificent rainbow hue, is flavored with almonds, and is topped with almond-flavored ice. This is the best dessert in Kansas City in 2022.

Blue Chip Cookies

Blue Chip Cookies is famous for its iced sugar cookies. Also available are blue chip joy (chocolate chip and coconut) and peanut butter with chocolate covering. They are also delicious and will not disappoint. Visit 5045 W 117th St, Leawood, Kansas 66211, United States for excellent cookies.

Skratch Bakery

Skratch Bakery has the award-winning chocolate sea salt cookie the best dessert in Kansas City. In addition, when you come here you may also have delicious waffles. It is located at 1250 Burlington St, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116, in the United States.

Dolce Bakery

Dolce Bakery offers a wide selection of baked foods. Their sugar cookies are unusual and delectable due to the flavor of lemon and cream cheese. This bakery also offers a variety of other traditional cookies. These delectable biscuits will keep your children happy all day long. The address of Dolce Bakery is 3930 W 69th Terrace, Prairie Village, Kansas 66208, United States.

Candy – the best dessert in Kansas City

Candy - the best dessert in Kansas City

Any candy shop in Kansas City is an excellent option for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are sweets that both youngsters and adults enjoy.

Laura Little’s Candies

Laura Little’s Candies is where you can find fudge, chocolates, special cookies, popcorn, ice cream, and seasonal sweets like chocolate bunnies, caramel apples, Christmas gift baskets, etc. This is a “classic” candy shop from the 70s to the present. Laura Little’s Candies is located at 2100 W 75th St, Prairie Village, KS 66208, USA.

Sweet Caroline’s

The address for Sweet Caroline’s is 7723 W 151st St, Overland Park, Kansas 66223, United States. This confectionery store serves desserts such as cakes, sugar candies, chocolates, and ice cream after the main course. In addition, they carry their own original novelty candies and seasonal candies for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

See’s Candies in Nebraska Furniture Mart

You can allow your children to select their favorite candies while you shop at other stores at Nebraska Furniture Mart. See’s Candies is famous for its chocolates, crunchy peanuts, and fudge. Its address is 1601 Village West Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66111, USA.

Lolli & Pop’s

Lolli & Pop’s is a confectionery paradise for sweet-toothed individuals. This store carries an extensive selection of confections, including gum, chocolate, hard candy, cotton candy, jelly beans, macarons, candies, and marshmallows, among others. It is the best dessert in Kansas City for both adults and children. It is located at 11413 West 95th St, Overland Park, Kansas 66214, United States.

Above is the list of the best dessert in Kansas City you should try it now. Hopefully, after reviewing them, you will choose a suitable place for you to enjoy delicious desserts in Kansas City.

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